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How to promote a facebook page

It’s easy to promote a Facebook page. You just need to know a few methods for a quick start. It is better to start promoting a business page on Facebook using 2 parallel methods. Facebook post likes.

Facebook community promotion method #1
This is the fastest method, but it is not very effective in attracting the target audience. It is used at the very beginning to cheat subscribers into a new, still empty page. This is necessary to get at least some first readers. After all, a person is characterized by the effect of «herding», so it is rare to enter into empty pages. But on the untwisted page is a lot of people come even without an invitation. The method can be either paid or free. The free method involves mutual entry into Facebook communities for earned points. That is, you subscribe to other social network groups, get points for it, and then spend them on promoting your Facebook page. These free services include bosslike.ru and olike.ru. In paid services, a huge plus is the ability to choose the region, age, and gender of subscribers. Thanks to such precise targeting (ad localization), the paid service is very good for ordering reposts of your articles (the owner of an account in a certain region publishes a post on his page for money — the price depends on the number of his subscribers 1 — 10 UAH). As for money, in comparison with the same advertising on Facebook, everything is several times cheaper and more reliable. You know exactly what you are paying for, and the cost of a cheap repost starts at 50 kopecks.
Here are links to inexpensive sites where you can achieve excellent results almost for nothing: liked.ru, vktarget.ru, forumok.com.

And if you have a cool business and need high-quality accounts, the owners of which will write a short or large review with a subsequent link to your fb community, then the following professional services will suit you: prospero.ru, socialtools.ru, and blog.

Facebook PR page promotion method #2
In parallel with the work in the subscription and repost exchanges, you should create 2-3 accounts and actively invite friends from the desired regions there. People on Facebook are sociable and in just two months you will have 3,000 friends in each account. 10-15 percent of your friends will accept an invitation to subscribe to the news of your business page on Facebook, and this is the first thousand subscribers.
You may have a question: why all this fuss with the promotion of a business page when it is so easy to promote an account by inviting friends? The point is, as I said in the last article: How to make money on Facebook, that in Makkah there are restrictions on the number of friends-5000 people. And if you have more than one thousand unconfirmed friend requests (people refused your invitation) — Facebook puts a ban on further such invitations. That’s just after 3000 thousand friends and the first difficulties arise. In addition, in several of your accounts, subscribers will be duplicated ( the same person is a friend of 3 of your accounts). But you will have one community because there is no limit in subscribers and there is no need to create multiple pages.
Advantages of the community:

Open statistics of interaction with your page
The active button is «call», «go to the site», or » other»
There is a navigation bar for users, as in the site: information, services, videos
Online map of your company’s location-in a prominent place
Schedule of work and list of services-in a prominent place
Create directly on the Facebook inter-store page
Regarding the store on Facebook — this section will appear in your menu when you specified the scope of «sales» when creating the page and you have more than 200 subscribers. The store category will be visible to users only after the product is added to it. In the «store» section on Facebook, you can create product cards with photos, descriptions, payment and delivery options. A very good thing.
After filling the page with content (articles, photos, videos) it is worth focusing on reposts as the main method of promotion. For such a case, they create a very interesting post with wonderful photos that make you want to share them with your friends. Reposts attract 100% of the target audience — these are your customers. The video is very cool.
I myself have an example of a viral post that brought 400 voluntary subscribers in one month to my Video for the soul page, which I didn’t promote at all. There are 500 subscribers, and almost all the subscribers came from this video. It was a gag video. It was viewed by 92 thousand people. Here is a screenshot:

Link to the video
I later learned that video posts are the most useful. This information was published by the guys who put experiments on promotion on Facebook. They have proven that videos are the fastest way to promote a page. But the video should not be an advertisement but should be entertaining, like most of your posts. There is no desire to subscribe to a page with only one ad. And yet — it is not enough just to share a video from youtube, but you need to fill it completely on the Facebook page, then the video will play automatically and attract attention. When downloading a video from YouTube ( and this is done by adding the letters «to» to the word «youtube» in the browser’s address bar (youtube to will turn out), you must look at the license. If there are restrictions on duplication, such content will be removed from Facebook.
In promoting the fb community, you should not neglect mutual advertising. Collaborate with the admins of other communities and publish each other’s news mutually.

Order is already promoted in the communities of your subjects. Contact us directly, it is cheaper than in the exchanges. You will be surprised, but Facebook has a huge number of groups where you can get free PR, unlike the same Vkontakte. Join such groups and gain access to the general public.
We wish you success and victories. Thank you for reading this article.

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